Avery Colored labels 210 x 297 mm, yellow, Inkjet printer, Laser printer, Copier, permanent adhesive 3473, Box / 100



Orderliness is very important for any company. This is achieved by e.g. sorting your documents by color, so that the whole thing becomes clear. For example, use blue Universal labels for your customers documentation, yellow for your suppliers, etc. This way every employee always has the overview at a glance. The Universal labels are available for all popular printers and copiers. And with the free Avery Zweckform templates and software, you can design and print the labels very quickly and easily!Colored labels make a difference in recognizability, order and overviewFailure-free throughput when printing, even for larger quantitiesStrongly adheres to many types of surfacesAlso available in red, blue and greenUse Avery#039;s Design amp; Print Online software or Word templates to print your labels quickly and easilyJamFreeWith Avery labels, you are guaranteed trouble-free printing by laser printers. These labels are especially resistant to the high temperatures released in laser printers. Extensively tested; therefore, no adhesive enters your printer during printing.Sharp-print-resultBecause of excellent toner adhesion on our label sheets, prints are displayed razor sharp. The toner adheres optimally to the paper, ensuring a long-lasting, sharp print without toner residue.DPO TemplatesCreate creative or professional designs with our free online software and templates. This way you will have the best printing results easily and quickly.