Avery Self-adhesive name badges 63.5 x 29.6 mm, Laser printer, white, removable L4784-20, Box / 20



Successful events fall and stand with attendee satisfaction. To make sure everyone knows who they are talking to, badges are simply essential so that attendees feel safe and informed. Creating professional name badges for conferences or seminars is easy! The classic here are the self-adhesive name badges made of acetate silk. They adhere reliably to clothing and textiles and can be removed without residue. Simply design the labels on the PC and print them with a laser or color laser printer! Of course, the badges can also be written on by hand, but it looks more professional by printing them with the printer.Self-adhesive name badges stick securely and are easily removable without damaging textiles or clothingWith these name badge labels, you dont need a badge holder, pins or other attachment systems neededNot suitable for use on leather, silk, velvet or fine fabricsThe name badges can be printed with a laser printer or handwrittenUse free Avery Design amp; Print software to print your name badges quickly and easilyDetachableAdheres perfectly to different types of surfaces. No glue residue remains when you remove the label.DPO TemplatesCreate creative or professional designs with our free online software and templates. This way you will have the best printing results easily and quickly.