Floor cleaner TASKI Jontec 300 conc low foaming 1L, Piece



Low-foaming neutral cleaner for all water-resistant hard floors. The product can be applied either manually or by machine. pH neutral. Blend of different surfactants. Unique, patented odor neutralization (Odour Neutralizing Technology: O.N.T.). Short drying time. Low foaming, effective cleaning at low dosage. Versatile application. Suitable for use on all water-resistant, hard floors. Economical cleaning through effective action at low dosage. Dries quickly without leaving streaks. Contains patented odor neutralization (Odour Neutralizing Technology: O.N.T.) that destroys odor molecules leaving a long-lasting, fresh scent. Ideal for scrubbers: low-foaming for rapid absorption of the solution and optimal use of the water tank. Also suitable for spray cleaning with single-disc machines and manual cleaning with a suitable mop system. Safety information. If unwell, after inhalation, consult a doctor. In case of skin irritation after contact with skin, consult a doctor and wash skin with lukewarm, gently running water. In case of contact with eyes, immediately rinse eyes gently with lukewarm water and, if possible, remove contact lenses. If swallowed, immediately drink 1 glass of water. If irritation or unwell feeling persists, consult doctor.