Fluke Networks FI2-7300 Fiber Inspector Pro

SKU: 7137SKP30



Enhance fiber inspection efficiency with the FI-3000 FiberInspector Ultra camera, seamlessly integrated with the Versiv mainframe and LinkWare software. This MPO and single strand fiber inspection camera offers instant Live View and optional pass/fail results, accessible via Android, iOS, or the FI-3000 mobile app. Included are the FI-3000 camera, Versiv mainframe, MPO probe, and accessories like USB cables, tip set (12/24 UPC and 12/24 APC), AC charger, shoulder strap, and soft carrying case. Features include autofocus/auto centering in a rugged, ergonomic case, providing total visibility from full trunk to individual end faces. It supports single strand fiber and configurations with one or two rows of 8, 12, or 16 UPC or APC connectors, with automated test results compliant with IEC standards.