HP 301 Ink cartridge color (CH562EE)

SKU: 10068322



With this original HP 301 cartridge you have the assurance of excellent quality print quality. This original HP color cartridge is precisely designed for HP printers, delivering reliable quality, excellent results and consistent performance. HP Environmentally Conscious The HP 301 cartridges are an environmentally conscious choice. Designed with the environment in mind, the cartridges produce less waste and are easy to recycle. The HP 301 ink cartridge is compatible with the following printers: HP Deskjet-100 / HP Deskjet-2000 / HP Deskjet-3000 / HP Deskjet-1010 / HP Deskjet-1510 All-in-One / HP Deskjet-2547 All-in-One / HP Deskjet-3052A e-All-in-One J611g / HP Deskjet-1050 All-in-One J410c / HP Envy-5534 e-All-in-One / HP Deskjet-1050 All-in-One J410d / HP Deskjet-3054A e-All-in-One J611j / HP Deskjet-1514 All-in-One / HP Deskjet-3050A e-All-in-One J611a / HP Deskjet-3050A e-All-in-One J611f / HP Deskjet-2050 All-in-One J510d / HP Officejet-4636 e-All-in-One / HP Deskjet-2543 All-in-One / HP Deskjet-3050 All-in-One J610d / HP Envy-4507 e-All-in-One / HP Deskjet-2050 All-in-One J510e / HP Deskjet-3050 All-in-One J610b / HP Envy-4508 e-All-in-One / HP Deskjet-1050A All-in-One / HP Envy-4504 e-All-in-One / HP Deskjet-3050A e-All-in-One J611e / HP Deskjet-3050A e-All-in-One J611g / HP Deskjet-2549 All-in-One / HP Officejet-4632 e-All-in-One / HP Deskjet-3050 All-in-One J610f / HP Deskjet-3050A e-All-in-One J611b / HP Officejet-4634 e-All-in-One / HP Envy-4503 e-All-in-One / HP Envy-5530 e-All-in-One / HP Deskjet-1512 All-in-One / HP Deskjet-2542 All-in-One / HP Officejet-2622 All-in-One / HP Deskjet-2544 All-in-One / HP Officejet-2620 All-in-One / HP Deskjet-1513 All-in-One / HP Envy-4502 e-All-in-One / HP Deskjet-2540 All-in-One / HP Deskjet-3059A e-All-in-One J611n / HP Deskjet-2514 All-in-One / HP Deskjet-3057A e-All-in-One J611n / HP Deskjet-3055A e-All-in-One J611n / HP Deskjet-3050 All-in-One J610c / HP Deskjet-3510 e-All-in-One / HP Deskjet-2510 All-in-One / HP Deskjet-2050A All-in-One J510h / HP Deskjet-1055 All-in-One J410e / HP Deskjet-1051A All-in-One J410f / HP Deskjet-2050 All-in-One J510c / HP Deskjet-1056 All-in-One J410a / HP Deskjet-3054A e-All-in-One J611d / HP Deskjet-3054A e-All-in-One J611c / HP Deskjet-2050A All-in-One J510g / HP Deskjet-2054A All-in-One J510j / HP Deskjet-1050A All-in-One J410g / HP Deskjet-3050 All-in-One J610a / HP Deskjet-1050 All-in-One J410a / HP Deskjet-2050 All-in-One J510a / HP Envy-4500 e-All-in-One / HP Officejet-4630 e-All-in-One / HP Envy-5535 e-All-in-One Specifications Color of cartridge: 3 colors (cyan, magenta, yellow) Printing technology: inkjet Ink drop: 2.3 pl to 8.5 pl (depending on print mode and speed) Ink type: Dye-based Page yield: Approximately 165 pages in color Dispensed cartridge volume: 3 ml Minimum dimensions: 113 x 37 x 115 mm Weight: 41 grams Warranty: HP print cartridges, ink cartridges and printheads are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship during the warranty period.