Labeling Tape, Dymo 45013 D1, 12mmx7m, Black on White, 10 Roll

SKU: 10178228



The standard Dymo D1 tapes are suitable for use on smooth and flat surfaces.  If you want to use the tapes on a curved surface, such as power cables, use the Dymo D1 flexible nylon tape.  For rough surfaces, the Dymo D1 permanent polyester tape is most suitable.  The standard D1 tape is suitable for almost all Dymo LabelManagers and Dymo LabelPoint tape printers.  D1 tapes are not suitable for tape printers of other brands and also not suitable for LetraTagen and Rhino printers.  A 12mm wide tape allows you to apply very clear lettering.  The 12mm tape is the most commonly used tape and thus suitable for all normal lettering tasks.  Keep in mind the margins along the edges of the tape are required for the printer, the text size will be a maximum of 9mm.  The tape length is 7m.  The color of the tape is white the imprint is black.