Mop Cart, Vileda Pro

SKU: 10237220



VoleoPro is a compact material trolley with many options and design possibilities.  Compact yet surprisingly spacious, the VoleoPro offers enough space for a complete floor and interior cleaning system.  Plastic chassis with integrated mop and floor wash holders.  Aluminum uprights.  Plastic upper part with waste bag holder, hinged lid,fixed handle and various suspension points.  2 front swivel wheels of which one with brake.  2 large wheels at the back.  Coupling bridge for storage of materials.  Suspension option for a pre-box.  Two small 6 ltr buckets.  Hook set: 2 handle clamps, 5 hooks, 2 long hooks for safety board.  2 UltraSpeed Pro 15 ltr buckets.  One UltraSpeed Pro lever press.  One UltraSpeed Pro frame.  A telescopic handle.  3 MicroPlus mops.  10 PVA micro cloths, 5 of which are blue and 5 of which are red.