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Electronic Safe, Pavo

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The Pavo high security electronic safe is ideal for personal or office use.  2 steel bolts (double bolt locking) guarantee the secure closure of the steel door.  The electronic combination lock is easy to program with a personal code (between 3 and 8 digits).  If you forget your access code, the safe can be opened with the included emergency key.  Security locking system active for 20 seconds after 3 times entering a wrong number combination.  LED display for entering the number combination and battery status.  The safe can be mounted against the wall or on the ground for security.  Dimensions safe: 450x360x315mm - 35 L.  Interior dimensions: 342.5x330x300mm.  Double walled door thickness of 4mm thick and body thickness of 2mm.  Incl. 2x emergency keys and fixing material.  Excluding 4x AA batteries.  Material: steel.  Color: dark grey.